Martin Mužík - An authentic Prague experience - 30.09.2023 - 16:30

Martin Mužík - An authentic Prague experience

30.09.2023 - 16:30

The difference between seeing and experiencing Prague. Indulge in a unique cultural experience that combines history, music, and cuisine.

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An authentic Prague experience.

Let me take you through the charming streets of Prague, where you'll learn about the city's rich classical music history, visit stunning baroque chapels, and indulge in delicious Czech cuisine. Whether you're a classical music enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates culture, my tour is perfect for anyone looking to discover Prague in a new and exciting way.

Meet your guide

As a Prague native, local patriot and passionate traveler, I enjoy sharing my love for Prague with others. I have been organizing classical music concerts, beer tours and historical walks around the city center for almost a decade.
My tours are mix of history, culture, local food and lots of fun facts. I prefer hosting a small group of people, which allows me to prepare a more personalized experience.

What to expect

On this classical music walking tour, you can expect to experience the local history, culture, and cuisine of Prague. You'll enjoy a personalized cultural evening in the magical Old Town of Prague, including a classical music concert in a 300-year-old Baroque chapel and a traditional Czech dinner in an authentic restaurant. Your host, a real Praguer with 15 years of experience in tourism, will make you feel like a local.

Walking tour

During the hour and a half long walking tour, you'll learn about Czech history and culture, Prague's architecture, the stories of famous composers that visited Prague in the past, and fun facts based on your interests. The tour covers tourist highlights, such as the Old Town Square and the Charles Bridge, as well as hidden gems along the way. The walking distance is approximately 1.5 kilometers, mostly on flat terrain.

Classical music concert

The venue for the classical music concert is typically the stunning Baroque Mirror Chapel, which was once graced by the performance of W.A. Mozart himself. A string quartet performs the program, which lasts for an hour and showcases popular compositions by notable musicians like Mozart and Vivaldi, among others.

Traditional Czech dinner

After the concert, you will join me for an authentic Czech dinner. I'll take you to a charming local restaurant where you'll enjoy homemade dishes and samples of popular Czech beer. It's going to be a memorable evening filled with friendly conversation and a taste of the city's rich culinary traditions. An excellent way to finish the tour!

Additional information:

Where will we meet?

We will meet in front of the Hybernia theatre. You have many options of getting there but the most ideal one is taking the B metro to the station “Náměstí Republiky”, then walking 2-3 minutes to the entrance of the theatre itself. You can recognize me by the blue-white colored umbrella I will be holding.

Duration: 4 hours

Show address

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Náměstí Republiky 4
110 00
Praha 1

Show event date and times

Other events

Vivaldi Four Seasons

29.09.2023 - 18:00 Price from 2,04 (50 CZK)
Klementinum Mirror Chapel

The chamber Dvorak Symphony Orchestra Prague plays A. Vivaldi: Four Seasons. Enjoy the beautiful tones in one of the most beautiful old chapels in Prague.

VIVALDI ORCHESTRA PRAGA (on authentic instruments)

29.09.2023 - 18:00 Price from 4,09 (100 CZK)
St. Nicholas Church on the Old Town Square

Vivaldi Orchestra Praga presents selected melodies played on authentic instruments in a beautiful atmosphere St. Nicholas Church on the Old Town Square.

Famous Ave Maria and Czech baroque music

29.09.2023 - 19:00 Price from 14,31 (350 CZK)
St. Francis of Assisi Church

Organ concerts at Knights of the Cross are drafted as one hour long coherent programmes. Besides compositions of world known masters of baroque and classicism period, sounds regularly music of Czech authors. Popular dramaturgy by listeners however artistic valuable completes rich sound of organ and its combination with solo instruments or song, so listener is still surprised by new colours and sound variations.


29.09.2023 - 19:00 Price from 61,31 (1 500 CZK)
The Cultural Composition s.r.o.


The Best of Classics

29.09.2023 - 20:00 Price from 24,52 (600 CZK)
Municipal House - Smetana Hall

Experience the unique atmosphere of the Art Nouveau era. Immerse yourself in the elegance of the past.

The best of Czech and World music

30.09.2023 - 17:00 Price from 12,26 (300 CZK)
St. Martin In The Wall Church

Enjoy Old Prague Music Ensamble played The best of World and Czech Music at St.Martin of the Wall, Prague.

Vivaldi Four Seasons in Mirror Chapel

30.09.2023 - 18:00 Price from 2,04 (50 CZK)
Klementinum Mirror Chapel

The chamber Dvorak Symphony Orchestra Prague plays A. Vivaldi: Four Seasons. Enjoy the beautiful tones in one of the most beautiful old chapels in Prague.


30.09.2023 - 18:00 Price from 4,09 (100 CZK)
St. Nicholas Church on Old Town Square

St. Nicholas Church on the Old Town Square in Prague is famous for its unique acoustics, where every visitor enjoy the charm of Baroque church with a pleasant listening to classical music concerts, which have become longlasting and popular tradition. Guarantee The quality of these concerts is guaranteed by selection of artists, who works from outside the other in the National Theatre or in Czech Philharmonic Orchestra.

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