The Four Seasons, Gypsy Airs Op. 20 - 05.09.2019 - 20:00

The Four Seasons, Gypsy Airs Op. 20

05.09.2019 - 20:00

Experience the unique atmosphere of the Art Nouveau era. Immerse yourself in the elegance of the past.

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„The Four Seasons“ Concerto No.1 „Spring“ Op.8RV 269 Allegro-Largo-Allegro Concerto No.2 „Summer“ Op.8 RV 315 Allegro má non molto-Adagio-Presto Concerto No.3 „Autumn“ Op. RV 293 Allegro-Adagio molto-Allegro Concerto No.4 „Winter“ Op.8 RV 297 Allegro non molto-Largo-Allegro Antonio VIVALDI (4.3.1678-28.7.1741) „Canon“ in D“ Johann PACHELBEL (1.9.1653-3.3.1706) “Hungarian Dance no.5” J. Brahms “Gypsy Airs op.20” P. Sarasate

Performed by: Prague Music Orchestra

The chamber orchestra “Prague Music“ was established at the begining of the 21st century. It is composed of Czech musicians who play for premier orchestras such as the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Czech Filharmony and chamber organs of the highest quality. Prague Music excels at its unique sophisticated sound and is representative of a highly valued interpretative art.

Soloists - alternations:

Olga Jelínková - soprano

Vlastimil Kobrle - violin

Petr Zdvihal - violin

Ondrej Skopovy - violin

Anna Dolejší - soprano

This Art Nouveau gem in the very heart of Prague dominates the city from which the Czech kings - Václav IV was the first one - ruled the Czech Lands. It was King Vladislaus II who decided to leave the center of Prague because of its busy trade road to Kutná Hora, a centre of medieval silver mining. The Powder Tower, a wonderful memorial of these times, still stands firmly attached to The Municipal House.

Experience the genius loci of the sumptuous halls. Allow yourself to be surrounded by the masterpieces of the greatest Czech sculptors and painters from the beginning of the last century: Jan Preisler, Mikoláš Aleš, Max Švabinský, František Ženíšek, Ladislav Šaloun, Josef Mařatka, Josef Václav Myslbek, and many others.

The Municipal House rightfully belongs among the Czech Republic’s national cultural monuments. It is a jewel whose significance far exceeds the borders of the Czech Republic. Experience the unforgettable atmosphere of our concerts. Let your children discover the path taken by Czech history – they will surely never forget where the Royal Court used to be. It was from one of the Municipal House balconies that our "Founding Fathers" declared the independence of Czechoslovakia on October 28, 1918. And at the end of 1989, the first meeting of the Communist government with representatives of the Civic Forum, led by Václav Havel, was held here too.

Please note:

The concert has no intermission.

Duration: 60 minutes

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nám. Republiky 1090/5
110 00

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