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1. Arrival for drinks and to peruse the gallery - guests are being served with a drink of their choice

2. Guests are seated to their allocated table - curtains are drawn

3. Introduction of artists and music pieces - evolution of Czech music from Romanticism to beginnings of Classical Modernism

4. First half of the performance - B. Smentana and A. Dvořák

5. Finest Czech produced delicacies served - pianist returns to play Czech background music

6. Second half of the performance - A. Dvořák and J. Suk

7. Artists concludes and open discussion with audience - performance inspiration, history etc.

8. Guests are served with coffee/tea adn Czech confection

All included in a price of the ticket (Wine 2 glasses, Beer and Soft drinks 1 liter).

Duration: 150 minutes

Unusual Old Prague building that forms part of the Kings Road from Old town square over Charles bridge to the Castle

It possesses a unique contemporary glass ceiling which provides perfect lighting to showcase the works of a talented array of Czech artists.

The works of renowned national composers performed by award winning Czech musicians in this unique venue that provides an original acoustic.

As some of the leading exponents of their art in the country this is wonderful opportunity to enjoy up close and personal the evolution from romanticism to modern classical music.

Premium confection and delicacies supplied by Certified Czech only bio farms with an introduction as to how they became a part of our national identity.

Wine is exclusively from the only wine school in the country. With only 50,000 bottles a year across all varieties produced it is created with care, for tasting and education, it is not readily available for commercial consumption.

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Karlova 184/12
110 00
Praha 1

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