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Dear visitors, welcome to the PRAGUE TICKET CONCERT website. Our work is pre-sale of tickets for various cultural events in Prague. Our priority is high level of promotion of all contractual partners and our priority is also high level of ethics of sales.

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Our offer includes concerts and performances in historical and culturally prestigious places as the Municipal house, Clementinum, Basilica of St. George, Spanish Synagogue, Church of St. Jiří, St. Martin in the Wall, St. Nicholas in the Old Town Square, St. Salvator, etc.

Our company sells the tickets without service charges and surcharges. We always guarantee the lowest possible price that matches the price of the event organizer. All forms of booking tickets are free in our sales system. Our company exlusively uses the PRAGUE TICKET internet store for ticket sales.


Voucher 500 CZK
20,22€ (500 CZK)
Voucher 1000 CZK
40,44€ (1000 CZK)
Voucher 1500 CZK
60,66€ (1500 CZK)
Voucher 2000 CZK
80,87€ (2000 CZK)
Voucher 3000 CZK
121,31€ (3000 CZK)

You can buy vouchers here. You can pay by card. We will send you the voucher to the e-mail after payment. You can use the voucher to pay for the ticket in the future. Vouchers are valid for 2 years. If the voucher does not have enough credit, you will pay the remaining amount by card. If the voucher has a higher value than the purchase, the remaining credit will not be refunded to you.

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