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About us

Dear visitors, welcome to the PRAGUE TICKET CONCERT website. Our work is pre-sale of tickets for various cultural events in Prague. Our priority is high level of promotion of all contractual partners and our priority is also high level of ethics of sales.

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Our offer includes concerts and performances in historical and culturally prestigious places as the Municipal house, Clementinum, Basilica of St. George, Spanish Synagogue, Church of St. Jiří, St. Martin in the Wall, St. Nicholas in the Old Town Square, St. Salvator, etc.

Our company sells the tickets without service charges and surcharges. We always guarantee the lowest possible price that matches the price of the event organizer. All forms of booking tickets are free in our sales system. Our company exlusively uses the PRAGUE TICKET internet store for ticket sales.

Terms and Conditions



I. General Terms and Conditions and Organizers‘ Instructions

These terms and conditions and instructions are applicable to and binding for any events for which PRAGUE TICKET s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as „PRAGUE TICKET“) sells tickets.

1. Paid admission fee shall not be refunded, tickets shall not be replaced and no copies shall be issued.

2. If an event is cancelled, PRAGUE TICKET’s customers shall immediately be notified of where and how to get a refund. If a ticket has been paid in PRAGUE TICKET’s e-shop (by credit card or bank transfer), the admission fee refund shall be requested from PRAGUE TICKET’s sales department. However, in exceptional cases, the admission fee may be refunded directly by the organiser; in such a case, PRAGUE TICKET shall inform its customers and provide them with the organiser’s correct contact information so that they can request the refund. Other expenses (transport, accommodation, insurance, etc.) shall not be reimbursed.

3. The programme, date and venue are subject to change. The most up-to-date information about programme, date or venue changes can be found on The customer shall always check on the day of the event to see whether or not the event takes place.

4. It is prohibited to bring into the venue bottles, cans, weapons, narcotics or any other objects that might be determined as dangerous or forbidden at the event by the organiser. The right for personal security check is reserved. The organiser reserves the right to ban entry to the event to any persons who are intoxicated or under the influence of narcotics or who endanger the organisation of the event or the safety of other visitors.

5. It is prohibited to bring recorders, photographic cameras, film cameras or video cameras to the venue. It is prohibited to make audio or video recordings.

6. The right for film, video or television recording of the event is reserved. Recordings of visitors to the event made in such a way may be published without any notification or compensation.

7. The ticket is only valid for one entry, only with the stub, undamaged and/or without any additional modifications. Once the visitor has left the venue, the ticket is invalid.

8. Forging, copying or modifying the tickets is prohibited and punishable by the law. Protect your ticket against copying! If you copy your ticket or buy it outside the authorised points of sale, you might be denied entry to the event.

9. PRAGUE TICKET is not liable for any behaviour / conduct of the organiser or for the event as such. PRAGUE TICKET is not liable for any damage to the health or property of the visitors. The visitors shall respect the instructions of the organiser and its authorised personnel.

II. PRAGUE TICKET’s Terms and Conditions

Pricing Policy

PRAGUE TICKET sells tickets without service fees or extra charges. Our company always guarantees the lowest price possible, identical to the organiser’s price. All reservation methods within our sales system are free of charge.

Methods and Conditions of Ticket Sales

Our company uses solely the PRAGUE TICKET e-shop to sell tickets.

1.I PRAGUE TICKET Sales Department

PRAGUE TICKET Sales Department uses any available options to sell tickets: invoiced bulk orders and telephone or e-mail orders.

2. PRAGUE TICKET’s Sale of Tickets

PRAGUE TICKET only sells tickets on the Internet. When a ticket has been paid, it shall be sent to the customer as an electronic ticket.

3. PRAGUE TICKET Reservations

The customer may reserve / purchase tickets for any performance offered. The ticket shall be delivered in an electronic form.

If it is possible for the offered performance, the customer may choose particular tickets / seats directly on the PRAGUE TICKET website. After your reservation – which remains valid for 6 days – has been made, a reservation notification along with your reservation number and bank transfer payment information will be sent to your e-mail address. You will then show your ticket at the venue as a seat reservation ticket.

4. Online Payments by Credit / Debit Cards

Payment services are provided by Prague Ticket s.r.o., registration no.: 06208711, Jaurisova 515/4, Michle, 140 00 Praha 4, on the website only by means of online payment by credit / debit cards through GoPay (GOPAY s.r.o.) payment gate.

If it is possible for the offered performance, the customer may choose particular tickets / seats directly on the PRAGUE TICKET website and pay for them online by credit / debit card. The customer will then be sent electronic tickets by e-mail. These electronic tickets in the PDF format can be printed by the customer on their own printer or show them on their mobile phone or tablet. Each electronic ticket has a bar code used for the verification of the validity of the ticket and for the verification of the person’s right to enter the venue.

Protect your electronic ticket carefully. The customer is responsible for its copying or any other misuse. PRAGUE TICKET has no liability in this respect.


PRAGUE TICKET is not liable for any difficulties or damage caused by unauthorised copying of the ticket. The ticket must be kept in a safe place.


The relationships and any disputes between PRAGUE TICKET and its customers shall be governed solely by the law of the Czech Republic and settled by the competent courts of the Czech Republic.

Any disputes between PRAGUE TICKET and its customers may also be settled out of court. In such a case, the customer (consumer) may contact an out-of-court settlement entity, such as the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, or settle the dispute online through the designated ODR platform. Before proceeding to an out-of-court settlement, PRAGUE TICKET recommends that customers contact PRAGUE TICKET sales department to solve the situation.

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