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Dear visitors, welcome to the PRAGUE TICKET CONCERT website. Our work is pre-sale of tickets for various cultural events in Prague. Our priority is high level of promotion of all contractual partners and our priority is also high level of ethics of sales.

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Our offer includes concerts and performances in historical and culturally prestigious places as the Municipal house, Clementinum, Basilica of St. George, Spanish Synagogue, Church of St. Jiří, St. Martin in the Wall, St. Nicholas in the Old Town Square, St. Salvator, etc.

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Support live culture at Prague. Buy a voucher valid for 2 years

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Vivaldi Four Seasons

29.09.2023 - 18:00 Price from 2,04 (50 CZK)
Klementinum Mirror Chapel

The chamber Dvorak Symphony Orchestra Prague plays A. Vivaldi: Four Seasons. Enjoy the beautiful tones in one of the most beautiful old chapels in Prague.

VIVALDI ORCHESTRA PRAGA (on authentic instruments)

29.09.2023 - 18:00 Price from 4,09 (100 CZK)
St. Nicholas Church on the Old Town Square

Vivaldi Orchestra Praga presents selected melodies played on authentic instruments in a beautiful atmosphere St. Nicholas Church on the Old Town Square.

Famous Ave Maria and Czech baroque music

29.09.2023 - 19:00 Price from 14,31 (350 CZK)
St. Francis of Assisi Church

Organ concerts at Knights of the Cross are drafted as one hour long coherent programmes. Besides compositions of world known masters of baroque and classicism period, sounds regularly music of Czech authors. Popular dramaturgy by listeners however artistic valuable completes rich sound of organ and its combination with solo instruments or song, so listener is still surprised by new colours and sound variations.


29.09.2023 - 19:00 Price from 61,31 (1 500 CZK)
The Cultural Composition s.r.o.



29.09.2023 - 20:00 Price from 20,40 (499 CZK)
Srnec Black Light Theatre – inside the Reduta Jazz Club building

The performance is a selection of eight scenes from the work of Black Light Theatre Srnec since its foundation in 1961 – e.g., The Flying Bicycle, What’s next?, White Pierot in Black, or The Week of Dreams.

The Best of Classics

29.09.2023 - 20:00 Price from 24,52 (600 CZK)
Municipal House - Smetana Hall

Experience the unique atmosphere of the Art Nouveau era. Immerse yourself in the elegance of the past.

Ghosts & Legends Of Old Town

29.09.2023 - 20:30 Price from 15,00 (375 CZK)
Prague Trips & Tickets

Come with us on a ghost tour of Prague – a walk through Prague’s dark past, through narrow, cobbled streets and winding lanes where murderers, alchemists, monsters, ghosts, and spirits once walked.

Prague All Inclusive Tour (6 hours) in English

30.09.2023 - 11:00 Price from 39,00 (975 CZK)
Prague Trips & Tickets

Prague All Inclusive Tour shows you the very best of Prague in one tour. Travel on foot, by boat and by tram to get the most from this wonderful city and explore where the bus and coach trips just can’t go. Ideal for those on a short break or those who want to see what the city has to offer before exploring independently, the Prague All Inclusive Tour takes you to the major sites, accompanied by one of our knowledgeable, friendly guides and makes sure you don’t miss any of the main attractions in the city.


30.09.2023 - 11:00 Price from 16,00 (400 CZK)
Prague Trips & Tickets

We invite you to discover the hidden history of Prague while visiting the popular sites in The City of 100 Spires.

Prague Castle & Canal River Boat Tour (3 hours) in English

30.09.2023 - 14:00 Price from 21,00 (525 CZK)
Prague Trips & Tickets

Join us on a leisurely afternoon excursion to some of the most historic sites in Prague, including a forty-five minute river cruise and a tour of the Prague Castle complex. The focus of the tour is mostly on the left bank of the river and is a great introduction for those who have not ventured there yet.

WW2 & Anthropoid Tour (3 hours) in English

30.09.2023 - 14:00 Price from 24,00 (600 CZK)
Prague Trips & Tickets

Czechoslovakia played a pivotal role in World War Two and was key to Germany’s war effort. Behind its beautiful exterior, Prague hides scars of its past. This three-hour walking tour will explain why Hitler came to power, what role Czechoslovakia played in the Third Reich and what life was like during the Nazi occupation.

Martin Mužík - An authentic Prague experience

30.09.2023 - 16:30 Price from 110,00 (2 750 CZK)

The difference between seeing and experiencing Prague. Indulge in a unique cultural experience that combines history, music, and cuisine.

The best of Czech and World music

30.09.2023 - 17:00 Price from 12,26 (300 CZK)
St. Martin In The Wall Church

Enjoy Old Prague Music Ensamble played The best of World and Czech Music at St.Martin of the Wall, Prague.

Alchemy and Mysteries of Prague Castle (3 hours) in English

30.09.2023 - 18:00 Price from 22,00 (550 CZK)
Prague Trips & Tickets

This Prague Castle tour covers a mixture of legends and historical facts, taking you to one of Prague’s most enchanting areas.

Vivaldi Four Seasons in Mirror Chapel

30.09.2023 - 18:00 Price from 2,04 (50 CZK)
Klementinum Mirror Chapel

The chamber Dvorak Symphony Orchestra Prague plays A. Vivaldi: Four Seasons. Enjoy the beautiful tones in one of the most beautiful old chapels in Prague.

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